Dr Joseph Grotowski
Dr Joseph Grotowski

School of Physical Sciences
Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture

Dr Joseph Grotowski - Award for excellence in teaching [4.7MB MOV]

Dr Joseph Grotowski, a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics within the School of Physical Sciences, is recognised for his outstanding dedication and passion for enabling his students to learn and for his imagination and enthusiasm in introducing teaching innovations.

Joe has an excellent record of success in receiving financial support for innovative, collaborative teaching projects. These have been funded from internal and external sources, including nationally and internationally competitive teaching development grants. Most notable are Joe’s role as Chief Investigator on a 2006 Carrick Institute Competitive Grant titled A new enabling technology for learning and teaching quantitative skills and on a 2007 HP Technology for Teaching Higher Education Grant titled Using mobile technology to enhance the problem-solving abilities of students in key transitional courses in engineering, mathematics and science. His strong and sustained performance on these teaching development grants has enabled enhanced teaching and learning at the University and has influenced the way in which teaching is delivered in his discipline.

Joe’s teaching philosophy and practice have been guided by the principle of pastoral care. His approach is warm, engaging and highly professional. Joe is committed not only to teaching the content and developing important related skills such as team-work and logical thinking, but to educating his students to be confident in tackling difficult and complex problems.

Joe has been successful in teaching a variety of classes, ranging from specialised, high-level courses with comparatively small enrolments to large classes with a diverse range of students in terms of their backgrounds, abilities and aspirations. At every level Joe is a strong proponent of the importance of serious mathematical content and wants his student to learn rigorous mathematics. His TEVAL responses reflect his success in engaging and challenging his students.

Joe shows leadership in his role as School Postgraduate Coordinator and has inspired many of the School’s best students to pursue mathematics at higher levels.

Joe is an active researcher, contributing to new knowledge through his research projects, and maintaining currency with advances in his field and related application areas. The principles that guide his research inform the manner in which he presents course content. Informing his teaching through research advances is an important approach he uses to inspire students.

Joe leads by example, sharing his experience and vision for excellence in teaching and links with the research culture in the discipline.

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