Dr Jean-Louis Durand is an outstanding educator who motivates and inspires students through his engaging and enthusiastic approach to teaching. He transmits his own keen interest in, and knowledge of his discipline to students while remaining conscious of their individual requirements.

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Dr Durand’s contribution to the School’s curricula in International Relations has been exemplary, producing courses of exceptionally high quality both in terms of curriculum content and teaching methods. Jean-Louis’ expertise in a wide range of international relations areas has meant that he has been called on to teach courses from introductory international relations to more advanced courses on human rights and international politics.

In order to deepen students’ engagement with his courses, Jean-Louis uses a range of participatory methods to build the cohort into a community of learning that assists students to develop individually and collectively. His humour and direct engagement with his classes generates an atmosphere of goodwill and desire to participate. Students are inspired to raise their commitment not only to achieve sound scholarly values, but also as a stepping stone to personal growth.
Jean-Louis practices a high-impact, pro-active pedagogy that challenges students to become critically reflective thinkers in their engagement with the course, with one another, and with the teaching staff.  He sees his lectures as a forum for deepening their curiosity, where all participants refine such values as acceptance of difference, appreciation of cultural diversity and respect for the opinion of others, and learn to deal with complex interpersonal and social issues, so acquiring a deeper awareness of the human condition. Guiding students to help shape a more harmonious world is central to Jean-Louis’ teaching philosophy.
Jean-Louis has introduced a number of teaching innovations in his classes, including the use of ‘case study teaching’ which encourages students to understand the political, ethical and legal complexities of international politics. He has worked to develop assessment practices which mean that students develop skills that help to meet their future professional responsibilities and demonstrate to potential employers the range of the skills they have acquired.
It is clear that Jean-Louis is strongly committed to the scholarship of teaching. He seeks feedback on his courses, reflects constantly on his pedagogy and is an active participant in national and international conferences and workshops.
Jean-Louis has been particularly successful in engaging with international students and has been instrumental in helping many achieve success. His support for them extends beyond the classroom and he frequently takes on an informal mentoring role. Jean-Louis is the Convenor of the International Relations major in the BA, which involves providing advice to students on curriculum, study plans and related issues. 
Jean-Louis is a stimulating and inspirational teacher who is held in the highest regard by his students and his colleagues for his high standards of scholarship, his passion and his humanity. 

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