Dr Jane Stadler
Dr Jane Stadler

School of English, Media Studies and Art History
Faculty of Arts

Dr Jane Stadler - Award for excellence in teaching [4.5MB MOV]

Dr Jane Stadler is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies whose dynamic presentation skills and creative approaches to content delivery have inspired her students and her colleagues and raised the profile of film and media studies at The University of Queensland.

The cross-fertilisation of theory and practice is central to Jane’s approach to teaching and assessment. As Convenor of the Film and Television and Media Studies majors, she has introduced practical and creative components to what had been a theory based curriculum. This challenges students imaginatively as well as intellectually and combines vocationally oriented material within rigorous theory and research-driven teaching.

Jane’s lectures incorporate extremely effective use of audio-visual materials and interactive exercises, through which she models an analysis and then invites the students to test and develop their own analytical and close reading skills in the lecture space. She continually updates course materials and content to reflect current development in the field of film and television studies.

Jane believes that effective learning is nurtured when students feel valued as individuals within a stimulating and supportive learning environment. She encourages student engagement and provides significant feedback to each student, making them more aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses and guiding them to higher academic achievement. Jane is adept at designing assessment tasks which allow students scope to exercise their creativity and original thinking.

Jane has contributed significantly to teaching nationally and internationally through co-authorship of the textbook Media and Society, now into its fourth edition. It is one of Oxford University Press’ best selling textbooks in the field, with significant sales in Africa, Canada, USA and UK as well as in 14 Australian universities. She has recently written a Screen Media textbook, encompassing both film and television studies.

Jane has worked effectively with Honours and Postgraduate students and currently advises eight PhD, one MPhil, and two Honours candidates. Further, her position as Deputy Director of Research Higher Degrees enables her to take an active role in building a research community and implementing the new milestones model of candidature to guide and track the progress of postgraduate research.

Jane recognises that critical thinking and effective communication skills are paramount in the humanities and aims to train well informed, thoughtful graduates able to transfer skills in academic analysis and research into critique, communication and action in the wider world. She takes pride in the success of her students many of whom have achieved prestigious scholarships and fellowships, published research and established successful careers in academia and in the media industries and related fields.


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