Dr Glen Coleman
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Organisational Unit:
School of Veterinary Science


Dr Glen Coleman is a dedicated and outstanding teacher who has demonstrated innovative course development and high quality student- learning outcomes.  His students are enthusiastic about his classes and enjoy his courses.

Glen's main undergraduate teaching responsibility in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science Program is in the area of veterinary parasitology.  Glen has introduced on-line learning resources into three undergraduate modules in veterinary parasitology and has had very positive responses to the web based assessment run in combination with parasitology practical classes.  He has collaborated extensively with the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney with a view to developing shared case-based on-line learning resources.

Glen is a reflective teacher who seeks student feedback and evidence of learning to critically evaluate and modify his teaching strategies.  His classes are innovative, current and supported by his experiences from private practice. He devises course objectives, learning activities and assessment practices that are grounded in real life clinical scenarios.   He seeks to structure his course in such a way that it fosters the development of critical and independent thinking, and incorporates recent developments in the field of study.  

Glen believes that teachers need to facilitate and create opportunities for students to learn and make meaning of content.   He strives to create an optimum learning environment by making learning an engaging, fun and positive experience. Glen uses humour to connect with his students and creates a relaxed and supportive environment where students engage with each other.  He encourages them to see their fellow students as partners and collaborators in learning.  To facilitate this he uses techniques such as small group discussions, team projects, and case-oriented practical experiences.  Glen has extensive informal contact with students through his role as year IV mentor and through his involvement as Patron of the University of Queensland Veterinary Students' Association

Glen was instrumental in the School of Veterinary Science in the Continuous Curriculum Review process.  He is Chair of the school's Curriculum Review Committee and his leadership and contribution in the School is highly regarded.

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