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Dr Debra Henly is a dedicated and innovative teacher who personifies a contemporary professional teacher. She is an exceptional planner and presenter, utilising these skills in her diverse portfolio of teaching duties. Debra is respected by her colleagues for her significant contribution to, and impact on, curriculum and teaching development in biochemistry and molecular biology and more broadly for her role in the introduction of problem-based learning in this area. She has contributed to the development and delivery of foundational, specialist and vocational courses in three faculties, has provided leadership in the development of an integrated course for dentistry students and her input into the MBBS program has been significant. Her ability to build collaborative relationships across schools and programs has led to more stimulating courses and a more cohesive and integrated teaching program. She has worked to develop skills in problem-based learning through training tutors.

Debra has shown herself to be a reflective practitioner. She has an excellent conceptualisation of teaching and learning paradigms and has established innovative modes of delivery and self-directed learning in her courses, including the use of multi-media and web-based resources. She is a keen advocate of problem-based learning and has championed its incorporation into biochemistry and medical courses. Her expertise in this area is recognised nationally and internationally.

Debra has acquired an admirable reputation as a dedicated, enthusiastic, highly organised and approachable teacher. She interacts honestly, compassionately and effectively with students and peers.

Her major discipline focus is on metabolic and nutritional biochemistry, a subject area that is often perceived by students to be difficult; yet Debra enjoys the challenge of stimulating their interest and explains difficult concepts with clarity and relevance. She considers student needs and expectations.

Debra has established a significant research program in the area of diabetes and obesity and attracted a number of BSc (Honours) and higher degree research students.

Debra is an exemplary teacher who has consistently demonstrated sustained involvement in quality teaching and learning, curriculum development and review, scholarship and commitment to higher education.

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