• Bachelor of Math, Wat.
  • Bachelor of Education, W.Ont.
  • PhD (Mathematics), UQ

Dr Maenhaut is a passionate teacher of mathematics who has been teaching at UQ since 2003. Her specialty is discrete mathematics and she has coordinated, taught and developed course materials for the suite of discrete mathematics courses MATH1061, MATH2302, MATH3301 and MATH3302, as well as for the secondary school Maths C equivalent course MATH1050. To achieve her goals of improving student learning and developing independent learning habits, she produces structured and carefully thought-out course materials that scaffold students’ learning through their undergraduate careers. These course materials come in a variety of forms (text, video, online quizzes, group work, problem sets) that cater to a variety of learning styles. In lectures she shares her passion for mathematics and students often comment on her enthusiasm and her clear explanations, as well as her deep knowledge of the subject. She provides leadership in the teaching of mathematics through her roles as Chair of the School of Mathematics and Physics Teaching & Learning Committee and as a member of the Australian Mathematical Society’s Standing Committee on Mathematics Education.

Dr Barbara Maenhaut from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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