$2.5 million of funding was allocated to projects across the University as part of the UQ Teaching and Learning Strategic Grants.  Round 1 was announced in late September 2007 and Round 2 was announced in July 2008.

Successful projects are detailed below. 

2010 T&L Strategic Grants

2008 Small Grants

2008 Large Grants

2007 Small Grants

2007 Large Grants


2010 T&L Strategic Grants

Project Leader Faculty School Project Title Funding
Professor Fred D'Agostino Arts EMSAH First-year non-credit seminars in a large generalist degree $15,555
A/Professor Peter Holbrook Arts EMSAH A Freshman Reading Program: Why Study Arts? $8,669
Dr Belinda Kennett Arts LCCS Developing strategies and resources for differentiated learning in A and early C stream Japanese courses $16,277
Professor Paul Turnbull Arts HPRC Web 2.0 Peer Collaboration and Appraisal of Research and Essay Writing in First Year History Teaching and Learning $13,893
Dr April Wright BEL Business Embedding a Business Simulation as a Foundation Stone Experience for First Year Management and Commerce Students $22,428
A/Professor Lydia Kavanagh EAIT   Preparing for First Year - Developing Support Strategies $22,500
Ms Chris Landorf EAIT Architecture Developing and using a 4D Interdisciplinary learning environment based on the UQ Advanced Engineering Building Project $20,000
Dr Lucinda Chipchase Health Sciences SHRS Telesupervision for service learning in health professional education $21,292
Dr Ieva Ozolins Health Sciences Population Health Development of an innovative and sustainable virtual environment that will promote student ownership and consequently enhance student engagement $22,438
Dr Michele Groves Health Sciences   Trial and evaluation of CRPs-Online: Using web-based clinical scenarios to assess and analyse medical students' clinical reasoning $19,913
Dr Venerina Johnston Health Sciences SHRS Engaging therapy students to learning patient handling skills: use of SBLi in collaborative small group problem solving $17,942
A/Professor Geoffrey Marks Health Sciences Population Health The PopHealth SPOILeR - Short Program for Orientation, Induction and Learning Refresh $22,500
Professor Sylvia Rodger Health Sciences SHRS Enhancing the first year occupational therapy (OT) experience within a reformed curriculum $22,500
Dr Madan Gupta NRAVS LCFS Enhancing student engagement and learning in distance education mode through innovative e-learning technologies in a first-year Agricultural Mathematics course $21,780
Professor Sushila Chang Office of Undergraduate Education Office of Undergraduate Education Enhancement of work integrated learning (industry internships) in non professional programs at The University of Queensland and establishing UQ's "Internship Map" $22,500
Dr John Harrison & Dr Hardy Ernst SBS/Science Journalism & Comm/Biomedical Sciences Singing the same tune: collaborative creation of interdisciplinary, cross-campus, health science communication media for iTunes through service learning $22,412
Dr Blake McKimmie SBS Psychology Student retention: the role of student attitudes and social identity $22,500
Dr Ravinder Sidhu SBS Education Inward and outward student mobility at The University of Queensland $22,500
Ms Heather Stewart SBS Journalism & Comm Indigenous Voice Closing the Gap Intensive Journalism Internship Program $22,500
Professor Michael Drinkwater Science Maths & Phys Engaging firs year students in classroom discussion of high-level concepts: pre-reading, reflection and personalised feedback $20,700
Dr Gwendolyn Lawrie & Dr Susan Rowland Science Chem & Molec Addressing undergraduate student diversity and engagement in science courses through the introduction of laboratory UREs $22,320
Dr Iderlina Mateo-Babiano & Dr Ann Peterson Science GPEM A strategic approach to engaging with emerging technologies $22,500
A/Professor David Merritt Science Biological Sc Solutions to the challenge of providing a research experience for distance education students $20,737
Professor Paulo Vasconcelos Science Earth Sciences Innovative approach to teaching and learning in field-based capstone geology courses $17,010
Dr Robbie Wilson Science Biological Sc Enhancing the research experience of first year science students through engagement with remote Indigenous communities $22,264



Small Grants 2008

Project Leader Faculty Project Title Funding Approved
Dr Greg Hainge Arts Building student engagement, interaction and independent learning through a discipline-based community website: The French @ UQ Learning Community $13,828
Dr Isolda Rojas-Lizana Arts Application of cognitive linguistics and e-learning tool to facilitate language acquisition and performance in advanced Spanish students $27,115
Dr Liam Viney Arts Enhancing musical performance through supported student partnerships $29,000
Dr Liz MacKinlay Arts Teaching, learning and enacting the Education Principles on Indigenous Australian Matters (EPIAM) at the Universityof Queensland $29,403
Dr Hardy Ernst BACS Enhancing students' learning experience through mLearning; using VOD casts to motivate and engage students $7,230
Dr Kay Colthorpe BACS Enhancing student learning using a scenario-based learning approach to physiology teaching for students of the allied health sciences $21,576
Dr Terry Tunny BACS Does teaching physiology in clinical context via eLearning develop clinical reasoning skills $23,000
Dr Gwen Lawrie BACS Increasing the relevance of first level chemistry through authentic assessment $27,469
Professor Peter Adams BACS Social learning spaces at UQ: The impact of the Science Learning Centre (SLC) and Chemistry Podium on the student and staff experience $28,318
Dr Kristen Farrand BACS Undergraduate students' experience in research (USER) network: bridging the gap between teaching and research in a research intensive university $30,000
Dr David Morrison BEL Student perception of learning enhancement through the applied use of technology $7,830
Dr Larelle Chapple BEL Scenario-based learning experience for third year Audit students $12,430
Mr Carl Sherwood BEL Development of online SBLi scenarios for teaching techniques to solve statistical problems in the economic course ECON 1310 Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A (with possible extension to ECON 1320 - Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis B) $26,567
Dr Shazia Sadiq EPSA Learning Database Management: Engaging students with an e-Learning tool suite and relevant data sets $30,000
Dr Vaughan Kippers Health Enhancing ownership of assessment: Medical students generating questions for their own final examination $26,500
Professor Helen Chenery Health Evaluation of interprofessional learning activities for all students within the Faculty of Health Sciences $27,402
Dr Bronwyn Davidson Health Enhancing practice learning through the appropriation of mobile technologies in a standardised patient program $27,789
Dr Lynne Emmerton Health A pilot project to enhance the communication skills of first-year Pharmacy students $28,284
Associate Professor Sylvia Rodger Health Development of a Practice Education Quality Framework (PEQF) for monitoring student placement quality $29,155
Ms Louise McCuaig Health Enhancing secondary-tertiary transition: A focus on students' experience of tertiary teacher-student pedagogical relationships $29,401
Professor Jenny Strong Health Developing an institutional model of assessment renewal across a multidisciplinary school $29,754
Dr Louise Gustafsson Health Interprofessional education in Neurorehabilitation within the School of health and Rehabilitation Sciences $29,910
Ms Valerie Powell NRAVS The Traffic Light Project $25,288
Professor Kambiz Maani NRAVS Systems thinking and complexity learning labs $27,490
Dr Viv Perry NRAVS Development of online SBLi scenarios for teaching Ruminant Medicine and Production the Veterinary Science course VETS3012 for delivery in the Collaborative Teaching and Learning Centres (CTLC) $27,640
Dr Victor Galea NRAVS Using an Audience Response System (ARS) to support whole class tutorial sessions in first year biology classes - re-defining student learning for the 21st century $29,903
Dr Bruce D'Arcy NRAVS Planning and managing a learning circle to support casual academic tutors at UQ $15,000
Dr Marianne Hanson SBS Providing pathways to first year students in international relations and conflict studies for learning options and career planning $19,904
Dr Diane Hafner SBS Integrating Indigenous Australian Knowledge and Perspectives in the Social Work and Human Services Curriculum: Developing strategies for teaching and learning $21,915
Dr Gai Harrison SBS Practice methods in context: a multimedia resource for Social Work and Human Services students $25,913


 Large Grants 2008

Project Leader Faculty Project Title Funding Approved
Professor Caroline Crosthwaite EPSA Evaluation and Development of the EWB Challenge in ENGG1000 $44,000
Dr Lydia Kavanagh EPSA First Year Engineering Competency Testing - Addressing the Changing Cohort $59,750
Dr Marie-Louise Dick Health Vertical integration in teaching and learning (VITAL) in general practice - an innovative collaborative approach to address a growing educational need $44,971
Dr Fiona Bogossian Health Development and implementation of a generic health science professional practice e-portfolio template $70,000
Associate Professor Julie Duck SBS An Institutional Approach to Tutor Training $109,000

 Small Grants 2007

Project Leader Faculty Project Title Funding Approved
Dr Juliana de Nooy Arts Redesign of First Year ab initio French curriculum: Using Task-Based Methodology to develop learning strategies $29,333
Dr Janette McWilliam Arts Teaching Latin in the New Millennium: A Blended Learning Programme for Classical Languages  $30,000
Dr Rick Strelan Arts Religion Bazaar - Immersive Learning in Second Life $29,961
Professor Fred D'Agostino ARTS Developing flagship curriculum and assessment practices in gateway and capstone courses which encourage and test the understanding of disciplinary threshold concepts $28,632
Professor Fred D'Agostino Arts Our Spaces: enhancing the BA First Year Community website and securing student engagement and ownership $27,564
Professor Fred D'Agostino Arts Research high school teaching practices in Arts-relevant subjects to ensure appropriate alignment between high school and university-level learning $31,308
Dr Kay Colthorpe BACS Improving student information literacy skills and the understanding of plagiarism through an embedded approach in first year biological science courses $20,755
Associate Professor Mark Riley BACS Enhancing the first year research experience with 24/7 instrumentation access $29,895
Associate Professor Ross Barnard BACS Development of online PBLi scenarios for teaching intellectual property components of biotechnology courses $20,000
Dr Robbie Wilson BACS Using YouTube technology as a vehicle for deep learning in Biology $28,500
Dr Nick James BEL The development of critical legal skills by Law students through innovative approaches to teaching and assessment $18,077
Dr Polly Parker BEL MBA: The Leadership Enhancement Program $23,408
Dr Noreen Breaky BEL Enhancing student outcomes and knowledge transfer through the tourism regional internship program $29,132
Associate Professor Fiona Rohde BEL E-Learning Assisted Student Experience $11,685
Dr Liza O'Moore EPSA Peer Assessment Learning Sessions: An innovative feedback technique for large engineering classes $27,910
Dr Peter Robinson EPSA Development of Xtutor Python Teaching Resources to support Flexible On-line Learning in First Year Software Engineering $29,971
Dr Peter Sutton EPSA Concept Inventory Development for Computer and Digital Systems $28,644
Professor Brit Andresen EPSA Travel Abroad Studio in Architecture $28,000
Dr David Carrington EPSA Evaluating factors for success combining distance education and collaboration technologies $29,500
Dr Suzanne Morris Graduate School Negotiating for authorship $18,892
Dr Wayne Wilson Health The use of standardized patients and computer based simulations in the assessment of clinical learning in first year Audiology students $13,415
Dr Jason Connor Health Clinical communication skills for UQ medical students $29,506
Associate Professor Sylvia Rodger Health Wrestling with Threshold concepts in Occupational Therapy Curriculum Re-design $24,503
Dr Merrill Turpin Health Development of a Flexible Training Package for Clinical Educators Using the Student Placement Evaluation Form (SPEF) $29,999
Dr Sandra Brauer Health Students as standardised patients: Improving clinical reasoning, peer-learning and communication in physiotherapy students $29,905
Dr Madan Gupta NRAVS Promoting first-year student engagement and learning through innovative approaches to feedback and group work in an Agricultural Mathematics course $29,425
Dr Steve Johnston NRAVS Australian Wildlife on the Web: a web resource supporting undergraduate animal behavioural studies students $27,500
Dr Jennifer Seddon NRAVS Increasing authenticity in a pre-clinical science course for veterinary science students $25,626
Dr Carl Smith NRAVS Development of Online Tutorials and Internet-based Decision Support Tools for the Delivery of Decision Support Systems for Natural and Agrifood Systems $29,866
Dr Greg Baxter NRAVS Integrating theory and practice in a student-centred, multiple-pathway tutorial program: Catering for students of applied ecology with diverse backgrounds and experience $29,913
Dr Kelly Fielding SBS Improving first year outcomes across campuses $29,508
Dr Julie van den Eynde SBS Building an eLearning Community $29,980
Professor Robert Gilbert SBS New Technologies in Collaborative Continuing Professional Development $6,904
Dr Peter Newcombe SBS Integrating SBLi Learning Support Tools with the Riverbend Virtual Fieldsite $29,673


Large Grants 2007

Project Leader Faculty Project Title Funding Approved
A/Professor Lesley Lluka BACS Developing a program for the professional development of tutors within the research-focussed Bachelor of Science Degree Program $65,000
Dr Jim Hanan BACS My Lab: Supporting UQ Teaching and Learning with Interactive Dynamic Model $55,000
Associate Professor Lawrence Gahan BACS Enhancing Student Learning Experiences in Large, First Year Chemistry Courses $67,000
Dr Tom Baldock EPSA Enabling Teaching Scholarship - supporting the integration, application and action of new teaching initiatives $104,000
Mr Doug Neale EPSA Studio Learning: Reinvigorating learning practices in the architectural design studio $45,000
Dr David Pullar EPSA A postgraduate practicum on integrative learning in the environment $45,232
Dr Helen Johnson SBS Learning Experiences and Outcomes of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students at The University of Queensland: A Preliminary Study $46,470
Ms Monica Moran Health Enhancing teaching, learning and collaborative practice in health professions: The Health Care Team Challenge (HCTC) as a leadership strategy for building the workforce of the future $76,089



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