BHumanMovSt (Hons) Qld., MSc Qu., PhD Qld.

Dr Craig Engstrom has a sustained history of teaching excellence and innovation in the field of Sports Medicine across traditional and online learning environments settings at The University of Queensland. His extensive national and international experience forms the basis for his ongoing provision of outstanding, multi-disciplinary learning resources for students. Dr Engstrom has significant leadership roles in longitudinal scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) activities with a successful track record for securing competitive teaching-focused research grants. His SoTL initiatives include: innovative work in online clinical assessment of practical skills, (eCAPS) ; investigating contextualized audio feedback for assessing student assignments (UQMarkUp); and a cutting-edge experiential interprofessional learning model for exercise physiology and medical students involving personalized exercise programs in realistic clinician-patient roles. He publishes collaboratively in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences for further promotion and evaluation of efficacious approaches such as communities-of-practice, authentic “assessment as learning” and interprofessional education for enhancing student learning. Dr Engstrom is strongly committed to furthering his leadership in global 21st century teaching & learning practices.

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