BE(Hons), GCHEd, MBA Qld.

Mr Carl Sherwood teaches a large first year undergraduate statistics course in the School of Economics. Combining 15 years professional engineering experience with 14 years teaching experience at UQ, he overcomes students’ fear of learning statistics, making learning enjoyable, stimulating, and meaningful. Using a contextualised, interactive, storytelling teaching approach, students learn through establishing clear linkages between abstract statistical theories and real world contexts using fish farm analogical characters. In doing so, a meaningful and less intimidating statistics language is created that allows students who would otherwise be fearful of learning statistics to become motivated and engaged in their learning. Mr Sherwood has integrated this contextualised teaching approach to create online videos to enhance his student learning experiences in lectures, reinvigorated a long-established Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) program in his School, and redesigned the selection and training of tutors and PASS leaders within his School. Having completed a UQ Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, he actively promotes research into teaching and learning through evaluating student learning outcomes from educational interventions, collaborations and sharing of ideas with colleagues, publications in journals, and presentations at conferences and workshops.


Carl Sherwood from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


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