Dr Peter Newcombe
Dr Peter Newcombe

Dr Peter Newcombe, Lecturer, School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences

Dr Peter Newcombe is an innovative and dedicated teacher who is committed to the development of rigorous, engaging and worthwhile teaching and learning experiences for students. He has also demonstrated leadership as acting program director of the behavioural studies program for the past twelve months and was instrumental in the successful integration of the program within the newly formed School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences.

Dr Newcombe's scholarship and enthusiasm pervade his work, and his highly developed capacities for collaborative, and independent curriculum design and development have made him an effective contributor to the successful multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Behavioural Studies program at UQ Ipswich.

Dr Newcombe is responsible for the design and delivery of PSYC1030 (introduction to psychology) in which he has adopted a student-centred and experiential approach that makes use of a range of flexible learning techniques. As a consequence of his substantial achievements in PSYC1030, he is regularly invited to give presentations, including participation in the biomedical science program in 2002 and 2003 at the University of Brunei Darussalam.

He has developed two multi-disciplinary courses in the youth concentration of the Bachelor of Behavioural Studies and was instrumental in the development and coordination of a unique introductory course, BEST1001 (understanding human behaviour). The innovation in design and delivery of these courses has been recognised at both University and national level.

In addition to his outstanding performance as a lecturer, Dr Newcombe has been involved in the supervision of students at honours, masters and PhD levels across a broad range of topics.

Dr Newcombe's teaching philosophy is that students should be taught to think widely on critical issues of relevance to the modern world. In order to achieve this, he strives to make the content, theories and concepts as stimulating and relevant as possible. He has an empathetic and genuine respect for students engaged in their own learning and encourages a friendly, respectful and supportive environment that fosters personal growth. Dr Newcombe's teaching evaluations attest to his outstanding abilities as a teacher.

Dr Newcombe's teaching has inspired students and shown leadership to his colleagues. He conveys a passion, not only for the subject matter but also for the excitement that can be gained from discovery and learning

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