Dr Michael Bulmer
Dr Michael Bulmer

Dr Michael Bulmer, Lecturer, School of Physical Sciences

Dr Michael Bulmer is an outstanding teacher who inspires his students and colleagues with his insightful and innovative approaches to education within the mathematics discipline.

Dr Bulmer has shown sustained excellence in his teaching from small specialist classes and honours supervision for students in operations research and mathematical modeling and large first year service courses in statistics to students in the biological and medical sciences.

Dr Bulmer is committed to the pastoral care of his student community and believes support is the fundamental component of teaching. This commitment is also reflected through the curriculum he teaches to achieve his aim of empowering students, thus helping them to grow as individuals and achieve their academic and personal goals. He endeavours to develop personal confidence and identity, nurture creative talents, provide technical knowledge and skills and promote critical judgement and ethical sensitivity.

Evidence of Dr Bulmer's commitment to excellence in teaching is demonstrated through his inclusion of Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) into the core curriculum for Analysis of Experimental Data and Experiments (STAT1201). PASS allows students to develop their own knowledge constructs in socially interactive and peer supportive environments and also encourages them to study collaboratively. He has created an environment for students to take control of their own learning.

Dr Bulmer's ability to encourage his students to learn, understand and explore both the function and application of statistics is to be applauded. He applies statistics to real-life examples and problems in order to engage his students and lead them to understand and appreciate the relevance of mathematics and the application of statistics, a discipline that traditionally has been regarded as difficult in which to inspire and motivate students to learn. His enthusiasm to promote the benefits of statistical analysis in scientific investigation continues to be a key consideration for the continually updated design of his innovative course curriculum.

Dr Bulmer considers that science is ultimately an intensely creative pursuit and has introduced both poetic and artistic-based assessment into the curriculum so students are able to reflect on, and creatively express their emotional attachment to the statistics discipline. Students value this rare opportunity for creative expression within a science-based discipline. Their collective efforts have been publicly recognised on ABC Radio.

Dr Bulmer has developed a range of evaluation tools to obtain detailed information on student attitudes and expectations which have allowed him to make immediate improvements in the teaching and learning environment. He continually strives to keep the course content relevant by implementing the latest statistical software packages and has published a book on statistics for first year students, A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis, which is now the course text for two courses ? STAT1201 and PHRM1020.

Dr Bulmer has a genuine understanding for student learning and his efforts to provide an innovative and exciting teaching environment are widely recognised as is his passion for, and contribution to, his discipline.

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