Dr Merrilyn Goos
Dr Merrilyn Goos
Dr Merrilyn Goos, Lecturer, School of Education

Dr Merrilyn Goos is regarded by her students and colleagues as an exceptional teacher, whose professionalism, empathy and dedication to teaching excellence set her apart.

While contributing to the development of innovative curriculum across schools and disciplinary boundaries, Dr Goos' focus is the pre-service and continuing professional education of mathematics teachers at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is committed to the preparation of outstanding mathematics teachers who will be transformative in their professional practices in relation to their students' learning, to their institution and to the broader educational system.

Dr Goos pursues her goals through theoretically informed and contextually grounded innovations in curriculum, pedagogy and the promotion of the theory and practice of criteria-based assessment. She also demonstrates the characteristics of a quality educator implicitly through her own teaching practice. She sees mathematics education as necessarily including mathematical reasoning, problem solving, communication and real-world applications.

Dr Goos seeks to transform her pre-service classroom into a "community of practice", which offers collaborative learning and assessment tasks that encourage collegiality and inspire and challenge students to critically reflect on the dilemmas of practice and self-evaluation. She values social development and participation and encourages a safe and supportive environment.

Dr Goos establishes a collaborative and supportive relationship with her students and inspires them to be the very best mathematics teachers, reflective practitioners and researchers they can be. Student evaluations demonstrate unequivocally the quality of her teaching.

Dr Goos maintains connections beyond the University and is committed to building long-term relationships with the wider community for a collaborative approach to improve educational outcomes. She has made a substantial contribution in State, national and international professional associations for mathematics teachers.

The elements of research and professional practice are intimately interwoven in all of Dr Goos' university teaching. She applies her scholarship to complement and build upon the natural gifts she possesses as a communicator and innovator.

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