Dr Carol Christensen
Dr Carol Christensen

Dr Carol Christensen, Senior Lecturer, School of Education

Dr Carol Christensen is a gifted teacher who demonstrates insight, sensitivity and commitment to enhancing the learning of students.

Dr Christensen's teaching is based on leading pedagogical practice drawn from the most recent research on teaching. Her aim is to promote intellectual engagement in the curriculum and to provide students with the academic tools to become knowledgeable, informed and thoughtful practitioners. She encourages students to explore and practice a range of skills and techniques and consistently challenges them to think critically about the issues they face in their professional lives. She seeks to inspire teachers to make positive differences, particularly in the lives of children who are disadvantaged by social and cultural influences.

Dr Christensen has contributed to course and program development in educational psychology in which she has demonstrated an incisive understanding of her discipline and the ability to link theoretical rigor with an appreciation of the needs of practitioners. She was instrumental in the development of a program within the Master of Education in learning support for teachers who work with students experiencing learning difficulties, which is her current teaching focus. The outstanding success of the program is evidence of her qualities as a university teacher. Dr Christensen has been effective in a range of teaching activities across large undergraduate pre-service teaching and masters courses as well as postgraduate research supervision.

Dr Christensen's classes are intellectually rigorous while being conducted in a warm and supportive environment. She treats her students with respect so they feel secure in challenging ideas and expressing their opinion. She is broadly inclusive in her approach to both ideas and people and is always willing to provide support extending beyond standard hours. Dr Christensen believes assessment should be primarily used to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and has developed innovations that utilise a variety of techniques that prompt students to examine their own cognitive processes as well as to employ more sophisticated strategies. Dr Christensen's students report their learning has been enriched through the quality of teaching and guidance provided by her.

Dr Christensen has developed strong links to the professional community, offering advice and professional development to education providers, particularly in schools servicing disadvantaged communities. Her collaborative project with Education Queensland to promote school reform in teaching literacy in secondary schools is widely recognised as assisting in the transformation of educational practice in Queensland. Her text on educational psychology is in wide usage for education courses both nationally and internationally.

Dr Christensen was recently appointed director of postgraduate coursework studies in the School of Education, a role in which her collaborative practices and commitment to enhancing postgraduate teaching and programs are acknowledged.

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