Associate Professor Dorothy Watts
Associate Professor Dorothy Watts

Associate Professor Dorothy Watts, School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics

Associate Professor Dorothy Watts is an inspiring lecturer, whose clarity, humour, insight, and enthusiasm for her subject have earned her numerous accolades and resulted in countless students deciding to major in classics and ancient history and developing a lifelong interest in the discipline. Her teaching evaluations over a long period of time attest to her students' responses to her commitment to quality teaching. She sets high standards and challenges her students to achieve them.

Dr Watts currently teaches a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and is a dedicated supervisor of a large number of higher degree candidates. She has made a significant contribution, often in collaboration with colleagues, to curriculum development within classics and ancient history, and has incorporated results of her own research projects as new material in courses. She was instrumental in the decision to offer advanced level Latin and classical Greek courses in flexible delivery mode, ensuring the survival of these courses and continuation of majors and honours in Latin and Greek.

In the many courses co-ordinated and taught by Dr Watts, students are given the opportunity to make comparisons with the modern world and to raise issues that cross the ages. She believes that teaching students to think, question, criticise, appreciate, synthesise and communicate is not only crucial to effective learning but provides skills applicable to all situations in life. Students consistently comment on her approachability, the respect and kindness she accords them, her grace, warmth and good cheer.

Dr Watts balances her academic teachings with her responsibilities as a leader within the School, and has been assiduous in promoting teaching and learning within her discipline. Community-wide recognition of her standing is evident in the many invitations she receives to speak at professional development seminars, in particular Queensland History Teachers' Association conferences, and demonstration classes for secondary teachers.

Dr Watts is a member of the History Sub-Committee of Social Sciences subject advisory committee and the Queensland Board of Senior Secondary School Studies. She also contributes to the Queensland Office of Higher Education specialist panel for assessment and accreditation of courses at Shaftston College. She is on the executive of the Friends of Antiquity, and the Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens. Her heavy involvement over many years in taking ancient history to secondary school students in various regions of the State has had an obvious positive effect on enrolments in the discipline.

Dr Watts is a dedicated, innovative and popular teacher who has made a significant contribution over many years not only in her teaching and related activities, but to the well-being of her discipline both within the University and the community as a whole.

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