• Graduate Diploma of Professional Computing, USQ
  • Graduate Certificate in Education, UQ
  • Doctor of Philosophy, ANU
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), ANU

A/Prof McIntyre has taken a leading role in teaching and learning activities in Physics at UQ including the development of new approaches to teaching, program design, and course coordination. He has adopted active learning approaches in his classes and has developed teaching strategies that enhance and extend it. He combined his earlier experiences in the development of on-line simulations with modern web technology to create on-line interactive modules that help students to prepare for his classes in an engaging and informative way. A/Prof McIntyre has incorporated the role of the simulation further into his teaching, aiding students to visualise difficult concepts, and to explore during class assessment activities. His approach has been adopted by others and he has coordinated a team of academics and learning designers in developing simulations and associated teaching packages for use in courses across physics and mathematics. He has introduced active components to other aspects of his teaching including the development of inquiry-based learning laboratories, and tutorial classes encouraging peer assisted learning. He continues to look for new ways to enhance the student learning experience, and to assist his colleagues to develop new ideas of their own.

Associate Professor Timothy McIntyre from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

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