Associate Professor Lesley Lluka is a gifted educator whose passion for her academic discipline, outstanding communication skills and mastery of innovative pedagogy have inspired her students to ‘think like scientists’ and to acquire skills that are relevant for their future careers.  Her innovation and success have been demonstrated, not only with smaller advanced level classes, but with large first-year classes and international students. 

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In working with her students in a diverse array of science-based programs, leading to research and the pharmaceutical industry, to professional careers in Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry, Lesley has applied innovative pedagogical approaches to her teaching. Her diverse professional and scientific background has enabled her to develop science courses which integrate effectively into the professional degree programs. 
Lesley incorporates technology as a support for her pedagogy, engaging students in activities to develop higher order learning and involving students in research at the earliest possible stages in their undergraduate training. The eConference in BIOL1040 is a mechanism for students to experience the excitement of a scientific conference and has radically improved the first-year experience. 
In her leadership roles in teaching and learning at the school and faculty levels, Lesley has made a major contribution to the review of the Bachelor of Science degree. Her work with and commitment to the Bright Minds Program was exemplary as was her leadership role in the development of links with the Toowong Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology. She serves as Chief Examiner in the School of Biomedical Sciences and is responsible for overseeing all assessment and delivery.  
In addition, Lesley was integral to the establishment and development of the Educational Research Unit. The Unit’s role is to raise the level of engagement with teaching and learning in the School of Biomedical Sciences as the basis for the development of innovative learning activities and associated assessment tasks. Lesley plays a key role in the mentorship of new academic staff, particularly in promoting innovation in assessment.
Lesley’s commitment to internationalisation and the equitable treatment of students has been demonstrated through her role in the implementation and quality assurance of the University of Queensland and Taylor’s University College Malaysia, Twinning Programs in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology.   As the Academic Coordinator for the program, Lesley makes a major contribution to the academic advising for incoming international students.
Lesley has a strong record in scholarly activities that have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching. She has published examples of her implementation of modern scholarship in teaching and learning, particularly in relation to problem-based and interactive learning.  
Lesley is always approachable and respectful in her dealings with students and welcomes student feedback as part of her personal commitment to innovation and excellence. She encourages and inspires students to develop independent, critical thinking and self-directed learning. She holds a deep affinity for her students and their learning and she has a genuine desire to see students develop both academically and personally.

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