Associate Professor David Carrington
Associate Professor David Carrington

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture

Associate Professor David Carrington - Award for excellence in teaching [4.5MB MOV]

Associate Professor David Carrington is an international leader in software engineering and software engineering education. He has developed and taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, most notably the Software Engineering plan within the Bachelor of Engineering. He has been a significant contributor to the educational community through publication, participation and leadership in School activities and membership of editorial boards of several respected journals. He has forged continuing significant links with the highly regarded Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and with the Boeing Company.

David is a committed and innovative teacher who emphasises students’ individual responsibility for learning within a supportive teaching environment. He includes a statement of his teaching and learning philosophy in his course profiles so students are fully aware of his rationale and expectations.

David is a strong advocate of active collaborative learning to motivate and engage students and to develop skills in working co-operatively. He addresses the problem of assessment in group projects by affording members the flexibility to differentiate between individual efforts within the team in terms of how marks are allocated. David has introduced assessable tasks to teach time-management skills and encourage reflection on learning experience, both important attributes of independent learners and relevant to industry best practice.

David pioneered the use of open-source software in a second year course to develop students’ appreciation of problems they would likely encounter in large industrial projects. He provides networking opportunities and a real-world perspective with guest lecturers, access to work experience and attendance at a leading industry conference.

David is sensitive to the challenges confronting students as they make the transition from novice to practitioner in their chosen field. He seeks to motivate each learning activity by explaining its value and providing a “safety net” as students step outside their individual comfort zones. He readily makes himself available to students both individually and in groups for feedback and consultation about their concerns, and has initiated the Software Engineering Laboratory Supervisor (SELS) scheme to provide out-of-class assistance, often on a one-on-one basis, to students in introductory courses.


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