UQ has been involved as a lead institution or partner on a number of ALTC projects addressing a wide range of teaching and learning scholarship and issues.


ALTC Project Information and Outcomes section

Closing the Gap in Curriculum Development Leadership

Professor Fred D'Agostino, 2006 ALTC (Carrick) Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grant

Extending teaching and learning initiatives in the cross-disciplinary field of biotechnology

Associate Professor Ross Barnard and Dr Damian Hine, 2006 ALTC Discipline-based Initiatives - Discipline-based Investigations

Mapping the future of Occupational Therapy Education in the 21st Century: Review and analysis of existing Australian Competency Standards for entry-level Occupational Therapists and their impact on Occupational Therapy Curricula across Australia

Professor Sylvia Rodger, 2007 ALTC Discipline-based Initiatives - Discipline-based Investigations

Assessment policy and impact on practice: Sharpening the policy review process in Australian universities

A/Professor Julie Duck & Professor Susan Hamilton, 2008 ALTC Priority Project

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