Three appendices are provided to the guidelines, which provide examples of modes of flexible delivery, their uses, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Appendix A: Examples of flexible delivery

  • Appendix B: Electronic interaction: choices in course design

  • Appendix C: Computer-assisted assessment

  • Advantages and disadvantages of delivery tools section

    Computer-Assisted Assessment (CAA)

    Advantages Can incorporate a wide range of media Can enable randomised selection from large question banks Can provide immediate feedback Enables automated marking Allows tutor to incorporate hints into tes...

    Electronic interaction - choices in course design

    Email lists Concept Allows a lecturer to communicate with all others such as a class through a single message Operational prerequisites Identify the community: Is the list to be open or restricted? Is...

    Examples of flexible delivery

    Print Possible uses/learning activities Written interaction between learner and instructor Students access at own rate Self-paced Advantages No special equipment required

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