The Advanced Concept Teaching Space Development Funds foster innovative teaching and learning practice using the facilities available in the Advanced Concept Teaching Space (ACTS) Building 14, GPN4. This exciting new space offers many opportunities for teaching and learning development and research.

This initiative is to support the implementation of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Plan 2008 – 2010 goal ‘enrich all aspects of the teaching and learning environment’ the promotion and support for the uses of CLTC’s and ACTS being a specific target.

Details of this scheme were discussed at the ACTS showcase session held on 31 October during the 2008 Teaching and Learning week and for 2009, $50,000 of central funds will be committed towards this scheme which relies on faculties and schools providing matching leverage funding with a maximum of two projects per faculty.

There are two schemes detailed in the grant guidelines:

  • Curriculum Development of $5,000 per course will be provided for the design or redesign of course curriculum to develop interactive teaching and learning practices that require the specific use of the ACTS room.
  • Curriculum Development & Scholarship as above but with an additional amount of $2,500 per project to support extending the curriculum development work to undertake research that will contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

There will be two funding rounds:

  • one closing on 23 January 2009 which is aimed at those courses to be taught in ACTS in Semester 1 2009; and
  • the second round closing on 24 April 2009 for Semester 2, 2009 courses.
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