Academic program and course development involving flexible learning requires clear articulation of curriculum choices, of the projected enhanced learning opportunities for students, and of the processes and resources required to realise and support this development. Detailed planning is critical to success.

The development process should be seen as a collaborative one. Academic staff are encouraged from the outset to develop productive relationships with instructional designers, who can assist with conceptualisation through to course design.

Identification of the necessary resources and support will be critical. The resources issue is addressed in detail in the section entitled "Provision of appropriate resources and facilities".

Despite potential differences in resources and support required, all these developments must remain within the standards expected of all University program development. In particular, faculties and schools should:
  • Ensure that flexibly offered programs and courses meet University standards and are subject to the same internal policies and procedures as all programs and courses, to provide a consistent quality framework
  • Ensure appropriate academic involvement in and oversight of the decisions concerning program curricula, and
  • Where flexibly offered programs or courses involve consortia or out-sourced arrangements, ensure the responsibility for quality assurance remains with the University awarding the degree or certificate.

    Some particular issues to be considered in the design of flexible learning programs and courses are outlined in "Checklist - Academic program and course development". Teaching and Educational Development Institute (TEDI) educational designers or other staff can provide more detailed guidance about program and course development. Guidelines on Multimedia Authoring are available from the following site:

    Student access and support and staff development and support must be planned in advance. Both these issues are addressed in the guidelines in the section.

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