For 2008 a new amalgamated Curriculum and Teaching Quality Appraisal (CTQA) process will be introduced. The review of this process found that staff felt a single annual process that was less cumbersome than the previous processes was needed. The new process is streamlined, and focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a school’s teaching programs and its plans for enhancement.

The yearly process is to be completed by the end of September. This will ensure the previous year’s data are available and the outcomes of the school-based CTQAs can contribute to faculty operational planning. The revised processes should be conducted by School Teaching and Learning Committees, and overseen by Associate Deans (Teaching & Learning), through the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee.

Specifically, it is recommended that the CTQA process consider the following core teaching and learning indicators:
• student load (total EFTSL; breakdown by international vs. domestic; U/G, P/G coursework and HDR; and major programs offered by the school);
• student demand (admission levels/trends for undergraduate programs);
• student retention (attrition rates after first year of study for U/G programs);
• student success (pass rates, completions and grade distributions);
• current student satisfaction (aggregated iCEVALs across all courses surveyed in the previous two semesters and most recent UQSES scales for first-year students);
• graduate satisfaction and destinations (GDS outcomes, CEQ scales: good teaching, generic skills, overall satisfaction benchmarked against GO8 & the most recent UQSES scales for graduating students).

To facilitate this process, a CTQA dashboard has been developed.

CTQA Dashboard

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