Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning Finalists

Associate Professor Karen Kheruntsyan, School of Mathematics and Physics

For empathetic guidance and effective communication of higher-level physics courses that has led to cohort built-up and sustained outstanding results in student satisfaction.

Dr Kristy Nicola, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

‘A step in the right direction’: reducing perplexity, stimulating interest and future learning of physiotherapy students by interweaving clinical applications with modern teaching delivery.

Dr John Wright, School of Veterinary Science

Students have brains in their heads, feet in their shoes, they can steer themselves in any direction they choose; great teachers profoundly influence those directions.

Dr Katie Zhukov, School of Music

For “connecting the dots”: enhancing student engagement in music theory classes through interactive classroom approach and making difficult concepts clear and practical.

Master of Applied Linguistics, School of Languages and Cultures

Team: Dr Noriko Iwashita, Dr Michael Harrington, Dr Paul Moore

For a postgraduate program in Applied Linguistics that inspires culturally diverse language professionals to realise their teaching and research potential in a discovery-­‐based learning community.

Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning Finalists


Dr Scott Downman, School of Communication and Arts

The Bootcamp Program was launched in 2011 in, the then, School of Journalism and Communication. It was established with two clear goals – to transition commencing students into the School and the University and to enhance the first year experience among the new cohort. Bootcamp is a half-day program that adopts a multi-faceted, holistic approach that seeks to inform and inspire students by showcasing the School and the work of students from the previous year’s first-year cohort and by drawing on the success of the School’s alumni. Bootcamp provides a personalised approach and aims to establish learning expectations within the School by using student testimonies to encourage class attendance, outline processes for assessment submission and professional and social opportunities through the Journalism and Communication Students’ Association (JACS).  Bootcamp also utilises the expertise of Student Services to address issues of diversity and equity among the starting cohort. Ultimately Bootcamp is a community-building program that facilitates an environment where new students can build social and study networks with their peers, enhancing the overall student experience.

UQ 2015 Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning - Finalist, Dr Scott Downman, Journalism Bootcamp. from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


Master of Energy Studies

Professor Paul Lant and Dr Simon Smart, School of Chemical Engineering

The transition towards a low carbon future is one of the defining challenges of our time. Climate change threatens worldwide wellbeing, environment and economy. Although climate change is a long standing issue it is only newly recognised. Energy professionals of today were not equipped during their education to tackle this issue. The energy challenge is complex and requires a multidisciplinary understanding that energy professionals did not possess.  The Master of Energy studies deliverers a more focused consolidated approach to energy, carbon management and sustainability with a new and practical approach to consider energy and climate change issues taking into account, economy needs, government policies, environmental goals, community concerns and the energy mix available. This is an innovative postgraduate program that is delivering well connected graduates to take their knowledge and address a real challenge.  

UQ 2015 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - Finalist, Master of Energy Studies. from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


Awards for Teaching Excellence Finalists

Associate Professor Diann Eley, School of Medicine

Diann Eley’s educational philosophy is based on challenge and opportunity. Her challenge is the global shortage of Clinician Scientists – medical doctors who are trained to discover new knowledge and then translate their findings into medical practice to improve patient outcomes.  She has approached this challenge by creating research opportunities and teaching important research skills to large cohorts of medical students giving them a vital career edge to become future leaders in medicine and scientific enquiry.  She is committed to introducing all students to the ubiquitous role of research in medical science and the gratification to be gained from participation in its rich culture. Diann leads by example through maintaining a productive research program. Her work is recognised among her School of Medicine colleagues, and more widely through invited international presentations as well as University and national awards for teaching excellence.

UQ 2015 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - Finalist, Associate Professor Diann Eley. from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


Associate Professor Ravi Pappu, School of Business

Dr Ravi Pappu has a passion for research. He is a well-respected researcher who published in leading marketing journals in the world. During the last 15 years, as a full time academic, Dr Pappu has worked towards passing on his passion for world class research to marketing and management students and making them appreciate the study of research, statistics and quantitative methods. His sustained efforts have contributed to developing a new generation of researchers. Dr Pappu teaches a suit of cross-disciplinary applied statistics and research methods courses for honours, postgraduate and PhD business students at UQ. He is genuinely interested in getting students to do the very best and uses innovative hands-on approach of research-led teaching to facilitate life-long learning, problem solving and critical thinking skills. He uses interactive seminars, hands-on workshops, and unique readings to motivate students to achieving learning outcomes. He is a compassionate and supportive advisor who has inspired his research students to do rigorous research and achieve publications in scholarly international journals. He completed a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, and actively participates in the scholarship of teaching and learning through publications in leading scholarly journals (e.g. Journal of Marketing Education), conference presentations and reviewing for top marketing journals.

UQ 2015 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - Finalist, Associate Professor Ravi Pappu. from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


Associate Professor Roslyn Petelin, School of Communication and Arts

The instructional imagination, literary sensibility, command of content, and commitment to excellence that Roslyn has drawn upon to indelibly influence several generations of student writers from undergraduate to research higher degree students is evidenced in her recent initiative, by invitation of the University in 2013, to design and present a MOOC, WRITE101x English Grammar and Style. The success of the 2014 offering of the MOOC, and UQ’s re-run of it from July-September 2015, clearly demonstrate the innovation and adaptability of her pedagogy as well as the relevance and appeal of her teaching content and style. Attracting 65,553 students, including many teachers, from 205 countries and territories to the 2014 MOOC, and following this up by attracting an enrolment of 86,245 from 214 countries and territories in 2015 (as at August 10, 2015) clearly establish her profound contribution to international writing culture. In flipping the MOOC into her two courses for 258 undergraduate and postgraduate on-campus grammar students this semester, with the aim of fulfilling UQ’s expectations for its MOOCs program, Roslyn has deftly extended the MOOC experience into the UQ classroom. 


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