Commendation for Programs that Enhance Student Learning

Professor Paulo Vasconcelos (project leader) - BSc Kansas State, MA UT at Austin, PhD Calif.
Professor Joan Esterle - BA Duke, MSc, PhD Kentucky.
Professor Gregory Webb - B Sc(Hons), MSc The University of Oklahoma, PhD Qld.
Dr Kevin Welsh - PhD Edin.
Associate Professor Gideon Rosenbaum - BSc, MSc Jerusalem, PhD Monash.
Dr Charles Verdel - BSc, MSc Mines, PhD Cal. Tech.
Associate Professor Massimo Gasparon - Laurea Firenze, PhD Tas.
Dr Steve Hearn - BAppSc, PhD Qld.
Dr Gilbert Price - BAppSc(Hons), PhD QUT.

The UQ Field Geology program is an integrated set of courses designed to train undergraduate students in reading and interpreting the rock record. Advanced field geology is also taught at the Honours, MSc, and PhD levels. The entire cohort of Earth Sciences students at UQ benefit from a solid training in reading and deciphering the rock record in the field. The program is delivered by faculty members in the School of Earth Sciences – the Rock Readers – who have implemented, improved, and expanded a high-quality field-experience program at UQ despite strong financial and staffing pressures. Our program attracts a large number of international students, students from other Australian universities, and industry participants. Our students consider the integrative nature of field geology as the most important step in their education, and UQ-trained geologists have made significant impact and discoveries directly related to their distinctive field training.


Geology in the Field from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.


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