Julie Ballantyne - School of Music

“Finding my voice”: fostering independent identities through transformative learning and assessment design in music teacher education.

With a carefully designed suite of learning and assessment strategies across the music education program, Dr Julie Ballantyne facilitates students’ progressive development of their professional identity. Pre-service music teachers are assisted in becoming independent learners who can think critically, and creatively engage with the complexities of the profession. Dr Ballantyne’s sustained success in this area is evidenced through student nominations for awards, academic publications and presentations and the esteem of teaching colleagues and graduated students.

Kelly Matthews - Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
GCScTeach N.Orleans, BA N.Orleans

For enabling others to undertake outstanding teaching and disseminating learning and teaching scholarship to influence practice in higher education.

Kelly Matthews has been enabling others to undertake outstanding teaching whilst also disseminating learning and teaching scholarship to influence practice in higher education since
2006. Through service innovations (Tutors@UQ), and scholarly activities (16 teaching and learning grants) and dissemination (70 outputs) that influence and enhance teaching and learning, Ms Matthews has been directly recognised by her peers with awards, indirectly by tutors with high teaching evaluation scores, and directly by the broader community with speaking invitations.

Timothy McIntyre – School of Mathematics and Physics
GCHEd Qld., BSc(Hons) ANU, PhD ANU

For the development of interactive on-line modules and simulations for undergraduate teaching that motivate students to learn in their own time and place.

Dr Timothy McIntyre has developed on-line interactive teaching aids for use in the teaching of physics. Advanced simulations of important concepts have been written and incorporated in various learning activities in his courses and have been accessed and used by many educators and students around the world. On-line learning modules incorporating text, images, simulations and videos have been developed to successfully promote student preparation for classes.

Phil Orchard – School of Political Science and International Studies
BA Br.Col., MA Nfld., PhD Br.Col.

For innovative experiential learning practices that have inspired and engaged students by blending theory and practice.

Dr Phil Orchard is a Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations within the School of Political Science and International Studies and a Senior Researcher with the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Across his courses, he uses an experiential learning-focused curriculum (including simulations), reinforced with staged assessment processes to trigger deeper learning and to inspire students to engage with political science. The strength of this approach is evidenced by consistently high student evaluations, faculty recognition, and external support including a team-based OLT innovation grant.


Civil Engineering Technical Team
School of Civil Engineering

Fraser Reid
Christopher Russ - BSc QUT
Troy Brooks
Jason Van Der Gevel
Shance Walker - AssocDipCivEng QUT
Stewart Matthews
Ruth Dononhoe -BSc Paisley Coll.Tech.

Outstanding commitment to the enrichment and support of student learning in laboratory classes.

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