Peter Clutterbuck – Business School
DipArts Qld., BSc CQU, MSc QUT, PhD QUT

Dr Peter Clutterbuck is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems and teaches a large, first-year business subject. He has successfully deployed an English literacy pedagogical framework to boost the confidence of business students in understanding technology better. He has single-handedly produced an extensive audio-visual library of business programming instructional content for online access by his students. He has innovatively used digital screen-capture technology to provide online, formative assessment feedback to selective students. These initiatives have directly and significantly enhanced learning outcomes for his students.

Bronwyn Lea – English, Media Studies and Art History
BA CSUSM, MA Qld., PhD Qld.

Dr Bronwyn Lea is a critic and award-winning poet who teaches poetry in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History. She works closely with her students to mentor them in publishing practices and industry links, making her a widely sought-after postgraduate supervisor. Her teaching in the field of poetics has been recognised nationally and internationally, as well as in the local community, for its innovative and inspiring approach to learning.

Allison Mandrusiak – Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
BPhty (Hons 1) Qld., PhD Qld.

Since her appointment as Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Dr Allison Mandrusiak has gained a reputation as a “breath of fresh air”, using creativity and a spring-cleaning attitude to reinvigorate a historically unpopular cardiorespiratory curriculum. Dr Mandrusiak transforms classrooms into clinics to create authentic learning experiences and to reduce trepidation associated with transition to clinic. Her contribution has enhanced students’ skills and confidence and reversed negative perceptions, to prove that cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is an appealing career.

Polly Parker – Business School
DipPhysEd Otago, DipT, Cant., M.Phil (Hons 1) Auck., PhD Auck.

Leadership developer, former MBA Director and current MBA lecturer, Associate Professor Parker has designed and delivered rigorous, innovative curricula and resources to facilitate career and leadership development for MBA and Executive Education students. Her uniquely designed and inventive “Photo Gallery” resources, original and internationally acclaimed Intelligent Career Card Sort (ICCS), and powerful peer coaching principles embedded in curricula, have inspired her students to become reflective practitioners through a transformative personal journey of insight and awareness of self and others.

Yunxia Zhu – Business School

Confronted with the challenges of teaching students of diverse cultural backgrounds, Dr Yunxia Zhu developed a Situated Cultural Learning Approach (SiCuLA) to encourage and enhance intercultural engagement. With this model, teachers and students form a collaborative learning community, and students become ethnographers of cultural learning through real-life practice. The sustained application of SiCuLA has produced positive outcomes, including replication of SiCuLA in other programs, recognition within the broader community and scholarly collaborations with other institutions.



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