Central Organisational Unit Citations

Dr Clair Hughes
Teaching and Educational Development Institute
Citation: For enhancement of assessment practice through effective and sustained institutional leadership and educational support of academic teachers and leaders.

Ms Roslyn Follett
University of Queensland Library
Citation: The University of Queensland Library Liaison Librarians – For delivering information skills programs to new undergraduates in their first weeks at university, improving their student experience.

Faculty Citations

Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr Roger Moni, Professor Philip Poronnik, Associate Professor Lesley Lluka
School of Biomedical Sciences
Citation: For developing and sustaining innovative strategies to renew teaching and assessment practices for diverse cohorts of first year human biology students in a large class setting.

Dr Karyn Johnson
School of Integrative Biology
Citation: For the design and implementation of a contemporary small group interaction course, which enhances honours students critical thinking, scientific literacy and communication skills.

Business, Economics and Law

Dr John Steen
School of Business
Citation: For excellence in case study teaching and coaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, resulting in the dominance of UQ at the Australasian BCG strategy competition.

Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture

Dr Liza O’Moore
School of Engineering
Citation: For excellent and reflective teaching in civil engineering and outstanding initiative and leadership in improving student feedback and learning in large undergraduate courses.

Dr Mehmet Kizil
School of Engineering
Citation: For outstanding teaching, and dedicated commitment to innovative curriculum development including successful national and industry collaboration in mining engineering.

Health Sciences

Associate Professor Sylvia Rodger, and her team, Dr Gail Woodyatt, Dr Julie Marinac, Dr Pauline Watter, Dr Jenny Ziviani
Division of Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Citation: For sustained excellence in provision of innovative learning experiences for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and audiology students in promoting inter-professional knowledge, practice and teamwork.

Dr David Jenkins
School of Human Movement Studies
Citation: For sustained excellence in research-informed teaching of exercise science to large undergraduate classes with a focus on social and professional engagement.

Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science

Dr Paul Mills
School of Veterinary Science
Citation: For the development of Group Project Work to encourage deep learning, cultural integration and interpersonal skills in Veterinary Science.

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Dr Rae Wear
School of Political Science and International Studies
Citation: For developing innovative and effective resources that enhance learning at both course and School level.

Dr Christine Bond
School of Social Science
Citation: For sustained commitment to the development of an undergraduate program of study in criminology which engages students and contributes to the overall student experience, particularly the first-year experience in large class settings.

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