Dr Claire Aland (School of Biomedical Sciences)
Dr Nancy Pachana (School of Psychology)
Dr Judith Seaboyer (School of English, Media Studies & art History)
Dr Peter Sutton (School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering)
Associate Professor Catherine Turner (School of Nursing)

Dr Venero Armanno (School of English, Media Studies & Art History)
Dr Kim Bryceson (School of Natural & Rural Systems Management)
Dr Glen Coleman (School of Veterinary Science)
Dr Julie Duck (School of Psychology)
Dr Nickolas James (School of Law)

Dr Michael Bulmer (School of Physical Sciences)
Dr Carol Christensen (School of Education)
Dr Merrilyn Goos (School of Education)
Dr Peter Newcombe (School of Social Work and Applied Human Sciences)
Associate Professor Dorothy Watts (School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics)

Associate Professor Ian Cameron (School of Engineering)
Dr Simon Cool (School of Biomedical Science)
Associate Professor Jay Hall (School of Social Science)
Dr Debra Henly (School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences)
Mr Daniel O'Neill (School of English, Media Studies and Art History)

Dr Peter Adams (School of Physical Sciences)
Dr José Botella (School of Life Sciences)
Ms Sandra Haswell (School of Journalism and Communication)
Dr Ottmar Lipp (School of Psychology)
Dr Judith Murray (School of Population Health)

Dr Nanette Bahr (Graduate School of Education)
Dr Craig Franklin (School of Zoology and Entomology)
Associate Professor Stephen Gray (Department of Commerce)
Dr Peter O'Donoghue (School of Microbiology and Parasitology)
Associate Professor William Tow (Department of Government)

Dr Alan Cody (Physiology and Pharmocology)
Dr Helen Purchase (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
Dr Anne Ross (Anthropology and Sociology/Natural and Rural Systems Management)
Dr Virginia Slaughter (Psychology)
Professor Ronald Weber (Commerce)

Dr Adrian Bower (Anatomical Sciences)
Dr Lloyd Davis (English)
Dr Georgia Livesay (Veterinary Pathology and Anatomy)
Dr John McLean (Psychology)
Dr Michelle Walker (Philosophy)

Dr Stephanie Hanrahan (Human Movement Studies and Psychology)
Dr Doune MacDonald (Human Movement Studies)
Mr Michael Pemberton (Mathematics)
Associate Professor Jeffery Pittam (English)
Associate Professor Laurence Walsh (Dentistry)

Dr Peter Bore (Surgery)
Professor Trevor Heath (Anatomical Sciences)
Ms Nadja Spegel (Law)
Mr Ray Collins and Mr Anthony Dunne (jointly) (Management Studies)

Associate Professor Michael Aldred (Dentistry)
Associate Professor Trevor Day (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Dr Tuan Nuyen (Philosophy)

Associate Professor R. (Bob) Beeton (Management Studies)
Dr Russell Cowie (Education)
Mr Alan Duhs (Economics)

Dr Alan Dugdale (Child Health)
Dr Susan Hamilton (Biochemistry)
Dr John Woolcock (Microbiology)

Associate Professor Charles Mitchell (Medicine)
Associate Professor Gabriel Moens (Law)
Mrs Anne Ozanne (Speech and Hearing)

Dr Christopher Hayward (Microbiology)
Associate Professor Simon Manley (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Dr James McKay (Anthropology and Sociology)

Ms Brit Andresen (Architecture)
Dr Judith Blackshaw (Farm Animal Medicine and Production)
Dr Walter Wood (Anatomy)

Professor Trevor Heath (Anatomy)
Ms Elizabeth Morgan (Music)
Dr Lesley Williams (Anatomy)

Dr John Bain (Psychology)
Dr Rodney Huddleston (English)
Professor John Kerr (Pathology)

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