Planning and production

Before you embark on the often resource intensive process of creating your own videos, first find out whether the video you would like your students to view already exists.  The vast array of content available can be daunting so we recommend that you first contact the UQ Library’s Your librarian: tailored services for scholarly, copyright-friendly advice and support for video.

This short tutorial from the UQ School of Journalism will cover the BE-SAFE system which is an acronym that outlines different factors that should be considered before filming an interview: Background, Eyeline, Support, Audio, Framing and Exposure.

JISC Digital Media has free guides to assist teachers, students and researchers in creating digital media (still images, sound and video). Creating digital media could involve a photo shoot, a video or audio interview, a screencast, a podcast or any other type of production.

The Media College provides numerous short tutorials on video production:

  • Shots and framing (video formats, streaming video, aspect ratios)
  • Graphics
  • Lighting
  • Equipment

The following resources outline the planning, pedagogical and technical considerations required for video production: