Top 10 uses

Engaging students

Videos can be used to stimulate interest in a topic to reinforce or ‘deliberately disrupt’ the expectations of learners (Burden and Atkinson, 2009). There are several strategies for stimulating student’s interest:

  • Starter-plenary
    Beginning or ending a lecture or seminar presentation with an interesting clip to elicit discussion or debate. (See case study)
  • Topping and tailing
    Remove the sound or vision from a clip and ask students to imagine what would be present/working to complete the missing script or images. (See case study)
  • What happened next?
    Engage student’s interest with the subject matter of the session by asking them to predict what they think will happen next in the clip, or alternatively, what happened immediately prior to this clip?
  • Dissonance and shock
    Introduce a theme, topic, or contradictory position by beginning a lecture or seminar presentation with a powerful clip intended to disrupt assumptions and preconceived notions.
  • Observational
    Encourage close observation of a clip(s) with a view to identifying specific information, events or themes appropriate to a particular subject discipline. An interesting and useful variation on this is the idea of ‘unwitting testimony’. In this case any clip can yield valuable information and insights into subject matter that was not the original purpose of the story.
    Burden and Atkinson, 2009).