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Pre-observation meetings

Whatever kind of peer observation you are planning, it is really useful to arrange a pre-meeting with your observer.

It’s best to have the pre-meeting a few days before the observation, to ensure your observer has time to prepare for the session, and be prepared to look at what you want to achieve from the observation. Just as importantly, it allows the observer to reflect on what he or she may gain from the observation, and how it may link to their own teaching. (Race, 2009)

"It's an opportunity for the mentee [teacher] to discuss with the mentor [observer] the very specific areas where they would like feedback. For us that process takes about half an hour." Jacqui Bond, School of Pharmacy.

Prepare the peer observation proforma to ensure you and your observer are prepared to make the most of the observation.

There are many questions you might like to consider during your meeting:

Pre-meeting proformas

UQ peer observation proforma

Peer observation is about enhancing your teaching – there are many ways to do this and we recommend you use what is most suitable for you. To help we have collected a sample of pre-meeting forms from other institutions and projects.

Race, P. et al. (2009) Using peer observation to enhance teaching. Leeds Met Press. ISBN 978-0-9560099-7-5