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The observation

Most of the process of teaching will be as per usual. You may wish to explain the presence of your observer and you may plan opportunities for your observer to enter or leave your class.

As an observer make sure you are prepared, know where you are going to be in the class, when you are required, what is expected of you and that you can observe what students and the teacher are doing. How you observe and what notes you take is up to you, but the important outcome is that you can provide the teacher with insights about what happened in the class.

Observation templates

UQ peer-observation proforma

Peer observation is about enhancing your teaching – there are many ways to do this and we recommend you use what is most suitable for you. To help we have collected a sample of observation forms from other institutions and projects.

Race, P. et al. (2009) Using peer observation to enhance teaching. Leeds Met Press. ISBN 978-0-9560099-7-5