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Finding an observer

Finding the right person to observe your teaching depends on what you are seeking to gain from engaging in peer observation.

Peers can be found in your school, discipline (both within and beyond UQ) and across UQ from our diverse disciplines.

Engaging someone to observe your teaching can be the start of a longer conversation about teaching and learning, can connect new people to your teaching and can provide insights into your teaching from new persectives.

School coordinators

Many schools have a staff member responsible for coordinating peer observation. Talk to your colleagues to find out what is happening in your school. ITaLI is also happy to help with schools organising peer observation.

The College of peer observers

The College of Peer Observers is a group of excellent teachers who are dedicated to supporting other teachers across UQ.

Members of the college are available through ITaLI to undertake both peer review and peer observation of teaching.

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