Two large-scale (1200 students) Flipped Classrooms have been run at The University of Queensland (UQ) for the past two years.  They have generated significant attention both nationally and internationally due to their unique pedagogical design.

Photograph of large flipped classroom activity

The Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) has funded a Global Learning Partnership to situationally analyse, develop and fast track dissemination of the Flipped Classroom as mechanism for systemic transformational change in engineering education.  Associate Professor Carl Reidsema and Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh head up the project.

Associate Professor Carl Reidsema - Director of Teaching and Learning (Engineering), Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology UQ

With 12 years of industry experience, Carl began his academic career at the University of New South Wales in 2001, leading the design of a large scale hands-on active-learning team based first year common course in engineering design “ENGG1000 – Engineering Design and Innovation” involving over 1100 students.  In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Director of Teaching and Learning for Engineering at the University of Queensland where he then led the successful development of the Flipped Classroom model for integrating theory with design practice in a first year engineering design course “ENGG1200 – Engineering Modelling and Problem Solving” with over 1200 students.  Dr Reidsema’s work is centred around the notion of Transformational Change in Higher Education which is reflected by his success in securing grants and industry funding for research and development in this area exceeding $4M, including a 2008 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Project “Design based curriculum reform” and the 2013 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Project “Radical transformation: re-imagining engineering education through flipping the classroom in a global learning partnership” partnering with Stanford, Purdue, Pittsburgh and Sydney universities.

He has received numerous nominations and awards for teaching including the UNSW Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2006 and has over 60 peer-reviewed publications in engineering education and design. He is regularly invited to speak on the topic of transformational change and innovative curriculum at universities and at industry events.

Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh - Director of First Year Engineering UQ
Since returning to academia from industry in 1998, Lydia has become a leader in engineering education and has used her background as a professional engineer to design both curricula and courses for active learning by combining real-world projects and specialist knowledge.  She has had a significant impact on the delivery of UQ's undergraduate engineering program through creative new teaching pedagogies including the Flipped Classroom, innovative authentic approaches to assessment, and the introduction of multi-disciplinary courses.  As Director of First Year Engineering, Lydia is also responsible for a significant program of extra-curricular transition support for first year students.  Lydia's work was recognised with a national Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011 and she has led and participated in Carrick/ ALTC/ OLT projects on teamwork, online learning, curriculum innovation (2x), preparing students for first year engineering, and Flipped Classrooms.

Previous workshop feedback
To date, the workshop has been delivered to nearly 1000 academics from a cross-section of disciplines and Australian universities.

Thanks again for your wonderful presentation yesterday on flipped classroom teaching. I can't tell you when I last attended a presentation which has affected me more! It has my mind reeling and I cannot wait to share what I have learned with my colleagues at the University of Mississippi. (US Participant, UNSW workshop, February 2014)

Dr Barbi Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Professional Development and Teaching Programs NCSU, Adjunct Assistant Professor NCSU, and Founder of Flip It Consulting
For the past 14 years, Dr Honeycutt has been facilitating workshops, creating programs, and developing resources for thousands of educators as we explore how to create engaging learning environments to enhance student learning.  As the Founder of Flip It Consulting, she facilitates workshops, shares strategies, and designs resources to teach educators around the world how to create engaging learning environments using the FLIP.  As the Director of Graduate Professional Development and Teaching Programs at NC State University, she leads a team of talented professionals who provide support, training, and resources for graduate students and postdocs representing all colleges within the university.  She facilitates more than 100 workshops each year in face-to-face, online, blended and flipped formats.  She also serves as an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Policy, Adult & Higher Education in the College of Education at NC State.  Prior to these positions, she worked her way all the way from intern to director in the teaching and learning center in the Office of the Provost at NC State University.

For a complete bio and list of scholarly publications and presentations: 

From workshop participants who attended the Teaching Professor Technology Conference:
“This was probably the best session I attended during the whole conference. Dr. Honeycutt was very dynamic and engaged us right from the start. She even had a period of debriefing at the end which summarized the overall learning for us.”

“Flip a Lesson” was worth the registration for the entire conference!!! I learned so much from Dr. Honeycutt’s presentation.” 

“I’d highly recommend Barbi Honeycutt. She did an online seminar for Magna Publications and she was great. She’s very easy to work with, she developed top-notch content, and she’s a great presenter. And she flipped the online seminar and explained what she was doing as she went so participants could not only learn about the flipped classroom, but also experience it firsthand. Her handouts helped participants put the concepts into practice after the event was over. It was very highly rated and got rave reviews. We can’t wait to have her back.” –Nancy Kern, Online Seminar Developer, Magna Publications


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