Radical Transformation: Reimagining Engineering Education through Flipping the Classroom in a Global Learning Partnership

The Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning has funded a project titled Radical Transformation: Reimagining Engineering Education Through Flipping the Classroom in a Global Learning Partnership, led by the University of Queensland, which is exploring tranformative course development through flipped classroom models.

Centre for eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE) eLIPSE was formed by the leaders of the this project. eLIPSE brings together expertise in eLearning and curriculum design to allow learning innovations to be piloted, and research in these areas to be developed and disseminated.


The Flipped Classroom Book

A major output of this project has been published:
Flipped classroom book The Flipped Classroom: Practice and Practices in Higher Education
Editors: Reidsema, C., Kavanagh, L., Hadgraft, R., Smith, N. (Eds.)

Teaching and learning within higher education continues to evolve with innovative and new practices such as flipped teaching. This book contributes to the literature by developing a much deeper understanding of the complex phenomenon of flipped classroom approaches within higher education. It also serves as a practical guide to implementing flipped classroom teaching in academic practice across different higher educational institutions and disciplines.

More information is available from Springer: http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811034114

Emerging amongst the many calls to transform engineering education is a push to replace the traditional lecture with online video ‘content’ and couple this with collaborative active learning on campus.  The interest in this Flipped Classroom approach is mirrored by the global MOOC phenomenon.  Both point to the need to reimagine the online and on-campus environments to ensure successful recruitment and retention of students, whilst maintaining the focus on learning outcomes. 

Large-scale (1000+ students) Flipped Classroom implementation has been demonstrated at UQ in 2012/2013 and has generated significant attention due to its unique pedagogical design, both nationally and internationally.  Expertise from six US and Australian universities will now situationally analyse, develop and fast track dissemination of this transformation in real time. 
The process of this work builds on new forms of open scholarly communication with the goal of accelerating systemic change in engineering education.

Anticipated project outcomes include –

  • Partnership analysis of UQ, USyd, RMIT, Pittsburgh and Purdue Flipped Classroom characteristics focusing on design methods and design patterns;
  • Description and demonstration of open source development practice models for reconceptualising engineering education flipped course design;
  • Analysis and characterisation of engineering learning design patterns used in Flipped Classroom models with consideration to their scaling properties;
  • Shared open source code repository (using Git) of software instruments utilised to capture learning interactions in ENGG1200 and Fundamentals of Software Engineering at USyd;
  • Design guidelines for software instrumentation to capture learning interaction patterns;
  • Description of skills required to redesign a unit using a Flipped Classroom model inspired by engineering challenges;
  • Situational and comparative analysis of selected Flipped Classroom initiatives in Australia and the USA;
  • Recommendations for assessment and evaluation practices in Flipped Classroom and online learning engineering design settings; and
  • Descriptions of the role of support staff for scaling Flipped Classroom practice.

Learning Partnership

The Learning Partnership for the Project comprises the University of Queensland, Purdue University (USA), RMIT University, Stanford University (USA), The University of Sydney, University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Project Team

Members of the Project team are:   Associate Professor Carl Reidsema (Project Leader) (UQ), Associate Professor Robin Adam (Purdue), Associate Professor Mary Besterfield-Sacre (Pittsburgh), Dr Renee Clark (Pittsburgh), Professor Roger Hadgraft (RMIT), Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh (UQ), Professor Larry Leifer (Stanford), Professor Phillip Long (UQ), Dr Abelardo Pardo (Sydney).

Resources related to the Project will be posted here as they become available.

ASEE TV: UQ Engineering

What does 'flipping' the classroom mean?

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What does flipping the classroom mean?
What motivated you to flip the classroom
What are the potential problems involved in flipped the classroom and how can you overcome them?
Does teaching such a large unit of undergraduates limit or widen the students options?
What advice would you give to a lecture who is thinking about using a similar technique?
How do you stay on top of technology trends in online teaching?

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As in all good flipped classrooms, resources are provided for you as part of your pre-work.

You are strongly encouraged to complete this work before you arrive to obtain maximum benefit from your participation in the Workshop.

Future Workshops

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The Project Office is located in Room 307 on Level 3 of the Mansergh Shaw Building at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus (map).

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OLT Flipped Classroom Project
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