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Case Studies for flipped classroom

The following case studies demonstrate a variety of approaches that teachers at UQ are taking to flip their classrooms. Teaching staff were interviewed from the six faculties across UQ to explore the pedagogical reasons for flipping, the educational technologies used and how their teaching has changed. Each case study is accompanied by a summary in PDF format.

Andrew Fairbairn

This study examines how using the flipped classroom model provides opportunities to design and deliver courses using active learning and engagement strategies to facilitate students’ teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills in a collegial environment. Read more ...

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Andrew Fairbairn

Second and third-year Archaeology courses in the BA major

Carl Reidsema

Engineering Design, Engineering Modelling & Problem Solving

Jude Seaboyer

Literary Studies, School of English, Media Studies, and Art History

Jason Tangen

The Science of Every Day Thinking (2nd Year); Judgement and Decision Making (3rd year)

Mark Coulthard

Final Year, Core Rotation, Paediatrics and Child Health, School of Medicine

Paul Mills

School of Veterinary Science