Curriculum and Teaching Quality and Risk Appraisal

The aim of the CTQRA process is to ensure that the programs and curricula are reviewed annually and align with the University’s Strategic Plan. The CTQRA comprise a focused evidence-based reflection on the overall quality of the school’s teaching programs with attention being given, where appropriate, to relevant internal benchmarks and Go8 benchmarks.

CTQRA dashboards, reports and the feedback mechanism are designed to provide high level course and program information, with the intent of highlighting neutral-, low-, increasing- and at-risk areas for comment and consideration in future action planning. A record of annual feedback, action plans and their outcomes is consolidated to form the documentation required for Academic Program Reviews (APR).

The Process

The CTQRA process comprises of a focused evidence-based reflection on the overall quality of the School and Faculty teaching programs and courses with attention being given, where appropriate, to relevant benchmarks.

The process is designed to:

    • Facilitate the provision of high quality courses, teaching and learning that deliver recognised academic standards.
    • Enhance strategic outcomes by providing timely identification of higher performing, at risk and increasing risk Programs.
    • Facilitate strong links to the University´┐Żs strategic planning, quality and review systems to support the strategic objectives.
    • Support cyclical improvement and reaccreditation of programs though data-driven and evidence-based decision making
    • Ensure compliance with relevant requirements including the Higher Education Standards framework (Threshold Standards) and responsibilities to international students as defined in the Educational Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.
    • Allow monitoring and measurement of the effects and benefits from intervention and action planning; and
    • Enable clear definition or accountability and quality assurance loops.

The reporting framework is advised by the following policies, procedures and standards, and is structured on a continuous improvement model:

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