Professor Peter Hj
Professor Peter Hj

The University of Queensland (UQ) has established itself as an institution of global standing and is committed to providing leadership in sustainability and climate change response.

UQ is a signatory to both the Talloires Declaration and Universitas 21 “Statement for Sustainability” to affirm its commitment to fostering an institutional culture for sustainability.
UQ has demonstrated its leadership in clean energy technologies and is a lead research institution in the national solar Flagships program. In 2011, a 1.22MW solar photovoltaic array was commissioned at the University’s St Lucia Campus. This system provides a platform for a range of research and teaching programs as well as generating approximately 1.7 megawatts per annum which equates roughly to 5% of the campus's energy.
UQ’s Global Change Institute (GCI) brings together world-class experts to develop solutions for how humankind addresses the challenges of life in our changing environment. Accommodated in a carbon neutral building, the GCI will act as a focal point for integrating research disciplines to address complex climate change problems. 
These successes are steps along a path of continual change, adaptation and improvement of UQ’s sustainable performance. UQ is well-equipped to lead innovative sustainability initiatives with dedicated staff, students and industry partners.  I encourage you to actively support and participate in UQ’s sustainability activities so that the University maximises its contribution to a sustainable future both by reducing its own emissions but crucially also to pave the way for others to follow.
Professor Peter Høj
Vice-Chancellor and President
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