The University of Queensland is committed to providing leadership in sustainability and climate change response.  UQ’s Sustainability Walk tells a unique story and unveils a fascinating snapshot into a few of the many sustainability highlights on St Lucia campus.

The sustainability walk showcases over 30 sustainability destinations featuring some of the sustainability initiatives and cutting edge research works currently being explored by The University.  These destinations highlight the beautiful grounds abundant with native birds, animals and aquatic species.
Each walk is flexible so you can:
·         choose your own path to link the destinations
·         visit the sites related to a theme such as energy or biodiversity
·         visit one or two sites of interest
Each location with interpretive signage can be found on the UQnav, a smart phone app free to download, or download a printable map.

Bike Box 
Bio-Retention Basin
Bush Tucker Garden
Curlew Habitat 

Lakes Precinct Biodiversity Centre
Recycling on Campus
Solar Focus Concentrating Dish
Solar Research Resource Centre
Water Bottle Refill Station


Eurasian Coot
Purple Swamphen
Saw-Shelled Turtle
Brisbane River Turtle
Eastern Water Dragon
Firetail Gudgeon
Eel-Tailed Catfish
Little Pied Cormorant
Little Corella
Rainbow Lorkieet
Masked Lapwing
Pied Currawong
Australian Magpie
Australasian Darter
Australian Wood Duck
Black Sheoak
Swamp Mahogany
Broad-Leaved Paperbark
Swamp Box
Black Wattle
Bunya Pine
Moreton Bay Pine
Jointed Rush
Blue Flax-Lily
Rough Saw-Sedge

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