Sustainable Food
Sustainable Food

The office is an ideal location to promote sustainable food.  The University of Queensland encourages the promotion of sustainable foods in the workplace.

Sustainable Morning or Afternoon Tea

Offices and lunchrooms are the ideal location for work colleagues to share a sustainable tea or coffee.  Fair Trade tea, coffee and chocolate are a great way to support the environment whilst enjoying a break or having a cuppa at your desk.

Office coffee and tea supplies should be Fair Trade.

Office meetings that include a morming or afternoon tea should serve Fair Trade beverages.

Sustainable Meals

Workplace meetings, functions and events that provide a meal should include sustainable foods.  Sustainable foods include:

  • Fresh, local and seasonal produce
  • Organic produce
  • Vegetarian foods
  • Fair Trade produce

Request sustainable menu choices from your caterer.  If they require more information on what this means for them, direct them to the Sustainable Catering for Vendors webpage.

To find out more information on planning a sustainable function, visit the Sustainable Catering for Events webpage.

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