The Centre for Spatial  Environmental Research (CSER) aims to provide high quality research and research training in the spatial sciences for addressing environmental and conservation problems in Australia and globally.

The focus of CSER research and research training is to provide solutions to government, non-government groups and industry to enable environmental monitoring and management over local, state and national scales.  These activities and formal links with state and national agencies place CSER at the forefront of applied remote sensing and landscape ecology for understanding and managing our natural and built environments. 
Some of the key activities conducted by the centre are;
  • Developing and testing field or remote sensing tools to collect or model spatial information for baseline environmental assessment and monitoring.
  • Developing and testing techniques for transforming field survey and spatial data in spatial information available to scientists, technicians, managers and policy analysts.
  • Training industry, non-government and government agencies to conduct baseline mapping, monitoring and modelling using field or remote sensing tools.
  • Developing and applying solutions to landscape scale ecological problems.  

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