Over the month of May the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences participated in a Shut your Sash competition. Laboratories competed to see who could have the lowest average sash height for their fume hoods. Final results were impressive with competing labs reducing their sash heights by 70 per cent on average over the month. This resulted in energy cost savings of $6200 and a greenhouse gas reduction of the equavalent of 40.5 tonnes carbon dioxide.

If these labs were to keep this up over the entire year they would save $75,500 on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 484 tonnes carbon dioxide.

Congratulations to our prize winners:

Chemistry Building Level 11 West. This lab achieved the lowest overall sash heights regardless of the baseline heights and will receive funding  to go towards energy efficiency improvements.

The Bernhardt Lab and Chemistry Building Level 8 East. These labs reduced their sash heights the most over the competition and will share funding to go towards energy efficiency improvements.



Thank-you to Igor Popovic (Green Lab Rep) for his assistance in undertaking the weekly audits.

Are you fuming? Well you know what to do, lower the sash. Operating fume cupboards as efficiently as possible will significantly reduce a lab’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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