The University of Queensland is committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of University life.  

As a member of the UQ community, you have the opportunity to be involved in sustainability initiatives on campus.
Check out the programs and initiatives such as:
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Green Office Program

UQ’s Green Office Program is a network of Representatives which promote good environmental practices in their work area.  The program is coordinated by the Sustainability Office, Property and Facilities Division. Program ob...

Green Labs Program

UQ’s Green Labs Program is a network of representatives promoting good environmental practices within their laboratories. The program is coordinated by the Sustainability Office, Property and Facilities Division. The objectives of th...

Green Residents Program

UQ's eleven residential colleges are home to over 3,000 students within 10 colleges at St Lucia campus and 1 Halls of Residence at Gatton campus. Sus...

Better buildings: Designing solutions for sustainable architecture

Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas

Looking for Sustainable Christmas Ideas? The holiday season is upon us and it is time to celebrate with family and friends. Whatever your plans are this Christmas, don’t forget to continue to make sustainable choices away from the of...

Ecosia: A Search Engine Saving the Forest

Want a simple way to support biodiversity each time you search online? Deforestation is a major threat to biodiversity around the world.  Clearing forests for agriculture, mining and housing, results in huge habitat losses, as well as...

Green Labs Program Resources

Green Labs Assessment Tools Green Labs Assessment Form - Print Version

Green Labs Publications Archive

Green Labs Update Newsletters Archive Issue 17- March 2017

Green Office Energy Efficiencies

 The Energy Management team are calling on all Green Office Representatives to share feedback regarding energy concerns around their offices. Reps have proven to be a useful asset in identifying energy inefficiency concerns. I...

Green Office Publications Archive

Green Office Update Newsletters Archive Issue 72 - October 2016 Issue 71 - May 2016

Green Office Survey

The Green Office Survey is undertaken when an office joins the program to assist in identifying strengths and areas of opportunity. The Green Office Assistant guides new Representatives through this process and the initial survey is a v...

Heating in the Green Office

As the weather cools, we tend to rely heavily on heating appliances to create a comfortable working and living environment. Heating and cooling accounts for

New Look Green Office Surveys

Your feedback is extremely important to us In 2015, survey respondents were given t...

Shut Your Sash Competition

Sustainable Seafood

 Seafood is a dish that many people enjoy however there can be a number of problems with the way seafood is obtained that impacts on its long-term sustainability. According to the

The 360 Energy Diet

Challenge yourself by taking an energy diet Energy is essential to human existence; however, with a fast growing world population, energy consumption is on the rise.  With this rise comes increased carbo...

The Future of Sustainable Smart Houses

The world’s first building with an algae bioreactor façade, finished construction in April 2013 and is part of the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. The 15 apartment building, known as “

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area of ocean where large amounts of marine debris have accumulated. It is located in the North Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and California, in a high-pressure region caused by an ocean gyre.

The Real Cost of Bottled Water

It isn’t uncommon to see someone with bottled water in their hand while on campus. There are varying opinions on bottled water use, and there...

Feedback Box

Please use our Feedback Box to: tell us about environmental issues  contribute ideas that may improve environmental performance, and  tell us about sustainability initiatives in your area.

Green Labs Program

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