The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management’s Coastal System’s lab is a research group with a multidisciplinary approach to addressing coastal and marine resource management issues both within Australia and internationally.  Whilst a central focus of the research undertaken in the CSL group is related to biogeochemical processes in coastal marine ecosystems, much of this is undertaken within the context of overall system function and sustainability. Critically, the CSL group delivers a wide range of research outputs directed at knowledge gaps that are central to resolving key management problem sets or technical hindrances.

Current projects
Sensa Project - Climate Change Adaptation at Community Level
  • The primary aim of this project is to produce an overall methodology for the integrated prediction of climate related outcomes across a range of spatial and temporal scales useful at the local community level and in harmony with managerial need.
Semat Project - Smart Environment Monitoring & Analysis Technology
  • Smart Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Technologies (SEMAT) research being conducted within GPEM  is developing the next generation of wireless marine sensor networks to enable the real-time monitoring of our precious coastal and marine environments.
DeSal Project
  • Building on the existing information provided to the Queensland Water Commission, the purpose of this project is to investigate the potential impacts of desalination plant discharges on benthic biogeochemical cycles and their performance.
Lyngbya Studies
  • Nuisance blooms of Lyngbya majuscula have been occurring with increasing frequency in tropical coastal waters around the world. Outbreaks of this cyanobacterium (blue-green algae) threaten water quality, coastal ecosystems, and can be harmful in instances of human contact...

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