Campus Sustainability

The University of Queensland is committed to embedding sustainability into all aspects of University life.

Since 1996, the University has had an Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System in place.

In 2008, UQ conducted a carbon footprinting study to develop sustainability strategies, compiling a comprehensive inventory of UQ’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability focus

In 2009, the University began widening its already established environmental program to embed sustainability into its teaching and research programs and operational activities. 

To achieve this, UQ is developing a Carbon Strategy to identify, prioritise, and guide progress.  This strategy includes a number of initiatives to minimise carbon emissions.

For further details, explore our Carbon StrategyCampus Sustainability InitiativesThemes and how to Get Involved. View UQ's Environmental Sustainability Framework.

UQ Sustainability Walk

The UQ Sustainability Walk showcases over 30 sustainability destinations featuring some of the sustainability initiatives and cutting edge research works currently being explored by The University.  Each location at St Lucia campus is marked with interpretive signage and locations can also be found on UQnav.

Campus Sustainability - more information

Campus Sustainability Initiatives

Biodiversity projects Gatton Environmental Park - more than 50 nesting boxes placed around for native animals and birds.  The area has 600 metres of walkways and over 1000 trees. Lakes precinct at St Lucia cam...

Carbon Strategy

The University of Queensland has over 40,000 students and almost 6000 staff occupying well over 600 buildings in its four campuses and over 50 teaching and research sites throughout Queensland.

UQ Sustainability Framework Model

Environmental sustainability Environmental sustainability refers to the environmental actions or impacts of what we do. In moving towards sustainability, we are attempting to reduce our ecological footprint. This equates to reducing the am...

UQ Sustainability Walk

The University of Queensland is committed to providing leadership in sustainability and climate change response.  UQ’s Sustainability Walk tells a unique story and unveils a fascinating snapshot into a few of the many sustainability ...

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