Welcome to UQ Study Abroad & Exchange Blogs! If you’re thinking of studying overseas, there are lots of resources available to you. You can check university websites, read brochures (like this one) and talk to university advisors. However, nothing’s quite the same as hearing from someone who’s actually doing it right now. Five students who have come to UQ on Study Abroad or Exchange are blogging throughout their time here. Over the coming months, you can read about what their daily life is like and what the biggest challenges are. Click here or on the search boxes to get started.

CURRENT Student Bloggers in Semester 1, 2018

Student Bloggers in Semester 2, 2017

You can also use the options on the right to search for the blogs you’re interested in, including blogs from previous semesters.  You can search by home country, student name or home university. Once you’re there, you can read the posts, look at the photos, and leave comments. Our current bloggers would also love to answer your questions!

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