Mt. Ngungun

Hiked the gorgeous Glasshouse mountains in Sunshine Coast last weekend. The mountains are remnants of volcanos in the area thousands of years ago. The hike up wasn’t too difficult except for the fact that we somehow managed to pick the most humid day we have had yet in Brissy. At one point about half way up, we had to stop and sit in a small cave on the side of the cliff just to cool down. But, it was a really beautiful walk up and smelled so good from all the eucalyptus trees. Once we made it to the top of the mt. Ngungun, we saw an amazing view of some of the other mountains as well as a huge rain storm in the distance. We ate lunch at the top of the mountain before heading back down to the little town by the mountains for some gelato. It was an awesome day, and I would recommend the hike!

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