Byron Bay

This past weekend, I visited Byron Bay, NSW, a super cute and fun beach town about two and a half hours away from Brisbane, with some friends. Right when we got there, we headed to the beach for a surf lesson. The waves and wind were kind of crazy that day, but we all still managed to get up and ride a few waves in. Even though I face planted a few times and found several strange bruises the next day, it was totally worth it. The next morning, I woke up at 5:30 AM to hike from our hostel to the Captain Cook Lookout lighthouse. The lighthouse sits at the most eastern point of Australia, so we wanted to get there before 6:30 AM to be the first people in Australia to see the sun rise. It was an incredible scene. As we were watching the sun rise, a wallaby hopped right in front us, and I got this really sweet picture. It was maybe the most Australian thing that has ever happened. We were scheduled to go kayaking at 8:00 AM that day, so we had to run down from the lookout to make it on time. Kayaking was awesome, and we saw tons of birds, turtles, and fish. We were pretty dead the rest of the day from getting up so early and then kayaking for three hours, so we shopped at some of the cute shops in the town and slept on the beach the rest of the day. We weren’t quite ready to leave Sunday morning. We wanted a few more hours of surfing when the waves weren’t so vicious. We rented boards from a surf shop and caught some gnarly waves dude!!! I got my first really terrible Australian sun burn because I was having so much fun I stayed in the water for three hours without reapplying sunscreen (rookie mistake). We drove back to Brisbane that afternoon to get ready for the next week of classes.

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