"I am taking the course Creative Thought and Practice this semester. It is fantastic! I am the only foreign student in this class and I have made a lot of local friends through this course. This course emphasises practice and activities that can let me know more about Brisbane and Australia. Also the class atmosphere is lively, and we always sing songs and play dramas during the first part of tutorial. It's improving my English and making me much braver. I love it!" Qibai Wang (China)

As a student in these disciplines, you will have unique opportunities for internships, allowing you to gain valuable hands-on experience. 

Featured Courses

Forensics: The Archaeology of Death and Crime Scenes, ARCS2003

This course explores practices involving the systematic location and recovery of human remains and other crime scene materials.

Media and Society, COMU1120

This course is designed to encourage you to examine and critically assess the relationship between the media and society. You will study how media and cultural industries shape our experience of the world.

Introduction to Education, EDUC1029

This course aims to stimulate students' thinking about key educational questions of why, what and how we educate, with a particular focus on social justice.

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Analysis, POLS1501

This course introduces students to peace and conflict studies. In particular, it focuses on the causes of war and violence, the relationship between security and development, human security, the ethical and legal restraints on war, the politics and practice of humanitarian aid, and the role of international institutions such as the United Nations and Red Cross. 

Introduction to Criminology, CRIM1000

This course provides an overview of the nature of crime in Australia and the different approaches to understanding criminal behaviour.This course seeks to ground students with an understanding of the causes of crime, the major methods for measuring crime, as well as the dominant theoretical perspectives in the field of criminology.

International Journalism and Mass Communication, JOUR2221

This course provides you with an understanding of different theories of mass media systems, their philosophical foundations, and basic principles.

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