"Of all the great courses I'm taking at UQ, ENVM3103 is my favourite. Instead of simply learning about the laws regulating environmental management issues in Brisbane and Queensland, this class offers first hand experience in dealing with a local case study. I highly recommend this class for any student who is interested in Environmental Law and who would like to interact with Australian students." Stephanie Scodras (Canada)

UQ is a hub for major science initiatives in the Asia Pacific region.

Featured courses

Planet Earth: The Big Picture, ERTH1000

Through this comprehensive introduction to Planet Earth you will gain an understanding of earth systems; earth in space; geochemical structure; rock cycle; plate tectonics; geological time; landscape evolution; ocean environments; surface and ground waters; palaeobiology; earth resources; geological hazards; environmental geology; palaeoclimatology; and sociological implications of earth sciences. The course includes a one-day field trip for which an additional fee may be payable.

Geology of Coral Reefs, ERTH3212

Combining a seven-day field excursion to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, pre-excursion lectures and laboratory work, you will -acquire an intensive knowledge of geological processes, morphology and zonation, structure, and sedimentation of coral reefs. Due to the fieldwork component there is an additional fee payable to complete this course.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BIOC2000

Learn the key principles of biochemistry and molecular biology to understand protein structure and function, biochemistry of DNA replication, transcription and translation, basic bioinformatics, properties of enzymes and key metabolic pathways and their regulation.

Microbiology and Immunology, MICR2000

Explore the diversity of microorganisms, their cellular biology, growth and nutrition, metabolism, and basic genetics through laboratory experiments and lectures. Discover the role of microorganisms in disease, as well as their ecology and applications in biotechnology.

Evolutionary Perspectives on Modern Society, BIOL1100

The battle of the sexes, the obesity epidemic, violence, deception, and antibiotic resistance are issues seen in the news every day. Learn the foundations of evolutionary concepts and understand why these issues (and others) occur and if, or how, we can solve them.

Australia’s Terrestrial Environment, BIOL2001

Through a series of lectures and fieldtrips to locations such as Brisbane Forest Park, Fraser Island World Heritage Area, Lamington National Park and Australia Zoo, you will examine a range of Australian animals and vegetation types, and learn about Australian climate, soil, and geomorphology, along with those historical factors that have helped shape this continent's distinctive terrestrial environment. There are additional fees payable for the fieldtrips.

Australia’s Marine Environment, MARS2005

Experience the amazing diversity of Australia’s marine life through lectures and field trips to the Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island (3 days) and the Heron Island Research Station in the Great Barrier Reef (5 days). No science background is necessary to enrol in this course, and at these outstanding locations, you will have the opportunity to put your new understanding of oceanography, marine animal and plant diversity, coastal and estuarine systems, and coral reef environments, into practice. Additional fees are payable for field trips.

Electromagnetism and Modern Physics, PHYS1002

Explore electricity, magnetism, optics, quantum physics and relativity and gain an introduction to 20th and 21st century physics and the place of physics as the basis of much modern technology. This course includes regular laboratory experimental work.

Financial Mathematics, MATH3090

Discover the growing field of financial mathematics and learn about mathematical models of annuities, equity, fixed-income products, futures and forward contracts, the term structure of interest rates, and investment returns.